Getting Started: The Backend

The first thing you need to put your creation on the Showcase is to sign up and used to backend panel. Don’t worry, it is easy and intuitive.

How do i sign up as developer?

This is pretty simple! Simply login with your IndieGala account or create one ( you can even signup with on click using your google or facebook account ;-) ), then click this button:


your account setup has just started! Now fill in the two fields:


Custom Subdomain is the most important field of your developer account. No spaces or blanks are allowed. It will identify your studio / collective with one unique url in the world wide web. You will link to this url ( or to paths that derive from it ) when you want to spread the voice about your creation. So think about it very well. It will NOT be possible to change it afterwards

Developer Name is how you want to be identified and can be the same as custom subdomain if you want. Once you are ready click the button….

Et voilà! Your developer account on is now created!

Now you are in the backend panel of your developer account. From there you can manage your profile info, media, and add new creations. Please spend few minutes filling the info stuff ( simple things like your studio / team name etc..)


You should write as much information as you can about your project, your studio and who you are. Setting a nice profile picture and a nice cover image for your studio will help you getting noticed. Having a little bio or writing about the games or other stuff you make will help you to create a connection with new users.


Once you are set with the general info about who you are you are ready to add your first creation.

Click on Add new product to create your first game ( or anything digitally cool ) on IndieGala!

Adding your first game ( or other digital project )

After you are set with your developer profile creation click on “Add New Product” on your dashboard.


This will send you to the page where you can set all nice things you want about your game. Including page style, look, and everything you like to add in text , description etc.


Until you don’t Publish your game, no one but you can see your page.

Do my projects need to be in a specific format for IndieGala’s Showcase?

Showcase supports downloadable executables, HTML, Flash, Java applets, Unity projects and more. If you’re still not sure if your projects format is right for Showcase, you can reach us and we will take a look.

Uploading Builds

Now is time to upload your build using using galaK command-line tool. Please refer to the build management document for more info about technology and how to manage your builds.


A project is a logical grouping of files that belongs to a build. Usually, to deliver a project, is necessary to upload a build first.
A build is the result of Uploading your game content to IndieGala backend, using your project ID. Think of it as a representation of your game files at that point in time.
A manifest is a listing of all the files which are included with a project build, along with metadata for all of the files, including the file size, SHA1 hash, and a set of flags. Manifests are output as text files during the project build process.
Branches (Betas)
A branch, or beta, is a specific build that you have made available either publicly or privately. Once your title is live, the “Default” branch is the build that is delivered to customers. Additional builds can be listed under the beta tab or hidden using a password. Password-protected branches are not visible to any account without the password.