GalaCredit FAQ

IndieGala offers users a digital account balance called the GalaCredit in connection with your user account, which you can use to make purchases on the IndieGala website.

How do i get GalaCredit?

You can obtain galacredit in various ways, you can buy it on IndieGala or you can win it if you play to Gala Live Quiz

So if you plan to shop on Indiegala, GalaCredit is an excellent investment!

How can I check my GalaCredit balance?

You can check your current GalaCredit balance from your IndieGala profile page, next to your GalaSilver.

How can I use my GalaCredit?

If your GalaCredit balance is enough, you can use it to finalize your purchase of your cart ( on IndieGala Store ) or your order form ( on IndieGala bundles ).

If your GalaCredit balance is insufficient for a particular purchase, you can complete the payment with one of our other payment methods by just simply adding the difference.**(coming soon)**Additionaly, you can convert your GalaCredit to GalaSilver and use it to join giveaways, auctions and more.

Can I combine GalaCredit with another payment method?

Yes, as stated before, if the funds in your GalaCredit are insufficient to purchase what you want, you can complete the payment with one of our other payment methods, using the same currency as your GalaCredit balance. Just add the difference and finalize the purchase.

What currency is available for GalaCredit?

GalaCredit is available in US Dollars ( $ ).

However, if you pay in one of the supported local currencies ( for example using EUR or GBP ) the GalaCredit used in the transaction
will be converted into your local currency using the daily exchange rate.