Shopping on IndieGala & General FAQ

How do I register on IndieGala?

It’s super simple! Go here and simply insert an existing email, a username ( optional ) and a password. Click on the button and voilà! Alternatively, if you have a Facebook or Google account it’s even easier, just click on the corresponding button and an account will be automatically created with the email of your choice.

Do I need to register to purchase from IndieGala?


You can make a purchase simply by entering your email in the form WITHOUT having to register. However, an account will be created automatically and you will receive a temporary password to the same email you entered in the form. Login with that and set a custom password.

I forgot my password. How can I recover my account?

Click on recover account and we will send the recovery instructions to the specified email adress .

Will my profile/download page still work after the bundle ends?

Yes, your profile page will be available to you FOREVER as long as the IndieGala website exists. Both your steam keys and downloadable content will always be available to you at any time. This includes all IndieGala purchases starting from IG2.

Can I buy a bundle if the offer has expired?

Sorry, prior bundles are no longer available. Sign up to our mailing list and don’t miss a bundle!

I paid below average. Can I upgrade my purchase?

Yes, to unlock/upgrade your purchase you must do another transaction on your personal account. This means you must do another transaction from your profile using the same email address and WITHOUT checking the “Is it a gift?” checkbox.

Gift transactions don’t upgrade your personal account.

Purchasing from

Purchasing from the store works the same way for bundles, only you will be able to add multiple items to your cart. Purchases from the Store will already display in the appropriate currency the final price, with VAT already included. You can find your purchases directly from your profile/download page below your bundles library, under the section “Store library”.

I bought a bundle/store game but I didn’t receive my key(s).

  • First of all, check if your key(s) have been misplaced in your spam or junk folders.
  • Second, check the email address you entered when purchasing on IndieGala.

The email address you entered can be found on your receipt. Please forward us your transaction ID/receipt so we can recover it (a text with “IndieGala for xxx” should appear in the receipt, where xxx is the email address you entered).

I received an error message while trying to purchase.

If the error message is similar to the following:

internal_id : u'5cd62fd48e5211e1a792590ee29a2460'
email : u''
amount : u'1.00'
token : u'EC-3YC00941DH4581848

It seems that you have not been charged, or at least our system didn’t receive money from PayPal or other checkout methods. The request was not processed and serials were not assigned. Please check your PayPal or other checkout records and see if you were charged.

Forward us the receipt and we’ll sort it. If you do not have a receipt from PayPal or other checkout methods it means you have not been charged.

What should I do if my Steam key doesn’t work?

If you receive the error “invalid product key” please try to restart your Steam client. If you still encounter problems contact us at

Do I need to pay VAT?

When purchasing a bundle, if your IP address is mapped to the UK or a European Union (EU) country you will be required to pay VAT. VAT charges are not applicable for those who live outside the EU. Only purchases from our Store will already display in the appropriate currency the final price, with VAT already included.

I’m having trouble with my Prepaid/Gift Card.

Prepaid/Gift Cards often display issues due to the billing address not matching. Generally you can fix this issue by contacting the support number located on the back of your card and verifying your card.

Can I view the sales statistics of your bundles?

You can check the statistics of the sale in progress by clicking on “View stats” under each bundle. Previous sales information is available on our wikipedia page.

Why is it suggested to activate keys within 60 days?

Your purchased keys never expire and can be activated at any time. However, we strongly advise you to activate your keys within 60 days of purchase as it might be troublesome replacing your keys should there be issues.

Can I sell my keys?


This is absolutely FORBIDDEN. Please read our Terms of Service.