galaK is a tiny but powerful command-line tool to upload your game builds to IndieGala.

You can use galak for:

  • Authenticate yourself on the IndieGala netwok using the email you used to register on developers showcase and the token of your game. You can create unlimited games on developers showcase, each game will have its own token.
  • Uploading the root folder of your build and let galaK compress and optimize it for user download ( recommended )
  • Uploading your build as single archive file to IndieGala
  • Managing updates of your game building efficient update patches.
We are constantly working on galaK and release a new build almost every couple of days, but your feedback is very important to help us improving the whole developers showcase backbone.
So please do not hesitate to report bugs and feedback writing us #galak-galaclient-and-showcase channel of our discord server.


galaK does not require any integration in your app.


galaK is a command-line program. You cannot launch it by double clicking on it.

galaK doesn’t do anything! I click on the exe, a command window pops up then nothing!

galaK is a command-line program. You cannot launch it by double clicking on it.

But why Whenever I try launch galaK it automatically closes?

Because, again, galaK is a command-line program. And You cannot simply launch it double clicking on it ;-) or, at least, not without its necessary arguments, some of them being mandatory like your build upload token or your build path.

Please refer to this link on how to launch a program from command line.

Once you are familiar with the process, you can launch galak following the instructions in this page.

So how i launch galak with this command-line thing, then?

basically you have to: 1) open command prompt

2) navigate ( in command prompt ) to the directory where you extracted galak.exe file ( e.g.: cd C:\Data\galak_win32\ )

  1. launch galak with proper parameters to upload a build:
C:\\Data\\galak_win32\\>galak.exe build_upload yourindiegalaemail your_token folder_path

please refer to the instructions in this page for the correct parameters.

how do i upload my build with galaK?

After you added a game on IndieGala developer showcase an UPLOAD TOKEN will appear on your product page.


You can create an unlimited number of games on IndieGala developers showcase, but each one will have its own unique private upload token. Do not share it with anyone.

Then you simply call the command build_upload as follows:

galaK build_upload build_upload_token your_local_build_folder

Where: * your_local_build_folder is, as you can imagine, the local folder on your system containing your build data. This should be the folder containing the executable file of your game or software . * user is your unique user identifier. Simply put the email that you used to register when you created your account on IndieGala developers showcase * upload_token is the upload token you find on your game backend page.


galaK build_upload CBUZQ1R6H67S50O "D:\builds\DieYoung"


Please DO NOT upload your game in form of .zip .rar .msi or any install file. Albeit this is technically possible, our system is optimized for transferring small data chunks of binary data over the network both in upload and download. Having data compressed in one large archive file damages this process. Just point to your root folder ( generally is where your .exe or executable file is ) and launch the command.

You can specify the chunk_batch_size in MB the better is your upload bandwidth the bigger should be this value. ( default: 4. max: 100. experimental, try different values and let us know ;-) ) , and, last but not least the OS version with –os_selected.. For each game you can have up to 3 depot, one for each available os ( win, lin, or mac osx )

galaK build_upload CBUZQ1R6H67S50O "D:\builds\DieYoung" --os_selected win --chunk_batch_size 10


A project is a logical grouping of files that belongs to a build. Usually, to deliver a project, is necessary to upload a build first.
A build is the result of Uploading your game content to IndieGala backend, using your project ID. Think of it as a representation of your game files at that point in time.
A manifest is a listing of all the files which are included with a project build, along with metadata for all of the files, including the file size, SHA1 hash, and a set of flags. Manifests are output as text files during the project build process.
Branches (Betas)
A branch, or beta, is a specific build that you have made available either publicly or privately. Once your title is live, the “Default” branch is the build that is delivered to customers. Additional builds can be listed under the beta tab or hidden using a password. Password-protected branches are not visible to any account without the password.