Cashback FAQ

What is the IndieGala Cashback program?

It is a new program where you can receive money back for nearly any transaction made on IndieGala in the form of Galacredit.

What is required to redeem and use the cashback?

You will need an IndieGala account made with a valid email address and an active internet connection on a device with a web browser.

How do I open an account on IndieGala?

It’s super simple! Go here and simply insert an existing email, a username ( optional ) and a password. Click on the button and voilà! Alternatively, if you have a Facebook or Google account it’s even easier, just click on the corresponding button and an account will be automatically created with the email of your choice.

How much cashback will I receive with my purchase?

Depending on the promotion, you will receive a certain percentage of your final payment. The exact cashback amount will be displayed on individual pages, but also on the final step of the checkout.


For situations when GalaCredit is used at checkout in combination with another payment method, the cashback credit is awarded only for the FIAT or Crypto part of the purchase.


For a store cart containing $10-worth of games and the current cashback promotion rewards 5% of the final payment.

  • If you decide to pay $10 using Paypal*, the cashback amount received will be $0.5 (50 cents).

  • If you decide to pay $5 using Crypto and $5 in GalaCredit, the cashback amount received will be $0.25 (25 cents).

  • If you decide to pay $1 using Credit Card and $9 in GalaCredit, the cashback amount received will be $0.05 (5 cents).

    “* Paypal in this example represents FIAT money, but it can be any accepted non-GalaCredit payment method available at checkout step, including Crypto.*”

When will I receive the cashback from the order?

The cashback amount, in normal circumstances, should be received instantaneously, provided that the payment made was successful, and can be used right away. In case any delays do appear, even after the relevant payment has cleared, please reach out to our support via the #customer-support channel of our Discord server.

Does the cashback amount stack?


Any amount of cashbacks received will be accumulated in one place, as long as the same account with the same email is being used.

Where can I see my total cashback?

Once you have received the cashback for an order, your IndieGala Profile tied to the email you made the order on will be credited with GalaCredits, which may be applied in future orders, if you so choose. As per regulations, this cashback amount cannot be sent to the source payment.


How long will I receive cashback for?

The promotional cashback periods will have a limited time frame. When the cashback promotion is active, there will be specific mentions on both the eligible pages as well as the checkout step which will inform you about the availability. We will normally announce the start and end dates via our website, newsletter and social media sites.

Does the cashback expire?


Cashback once added to your profile in the form of GalaCredit will not expire and can be used at any point of time, as long as the account is in good standing.

Where can I spend the cashback amount?

You can use this amount for payment across various products and services on IndieGala, from store purchases to buying bundles and even paid GalaSilver acquisitions.

Is there anything that I won’t earn cashback on?


There are a few exceptions.

For example, when purchasing GalaCredit, you will not receive additional cashback for that particular type of transaction. When making a purchase using only GalaCredit, that will not provide any cashback, since the final payment will be of $0.

Will you ever deduct cashback after you’ve given it to me?

Normally, your cashback is yours to keep and use, however in case you decide to cancel or return for a refund an order that provided cashback, we will need to deduct the relevant amount from your profile balance, if available.

If I received cashback am I still eligible for a refund ?

Since you received a cashback for this purchase, the equivalent cashback amount needs to be present in your profile’s GalaCredit balance in order to be deducted and be able to receive the complete refund. In case you are partially refunding the order, depending on the refund amount and cashback amount to be deducted, cashback deductions may apply.

Can I transfer the cashback to another account?

No. The cashback is tied to the account that made the purchase and may not be transferred to another account.

I still cannot find it! Where is my cashback?

If in the unlikely situation your GalaCredit balance did not update accordingly or isn’t displaying the expected amount, even after a refresh, a cache clear of the web browser and a few minutes of waiting, please reach out to our support via the on-site support chat or #customer-support channel of our Discord server.