Creating beautiful Content


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We want to make sure that developer’s showcase is filled with beautiful content. It is your own interest as content creator to make sure that the experience of people who download your creation is beautiful as well.

Please follow these guidelines. They are simply recommendations based on common sense. Things you should check before setting your page to public.

If you follow it, you can rest assured that people will like what you propose them and will talk about it. Which is something we are sutre you would be happy about ;-) We may also feature your creation and put it on the spotlight. Maybe even approach you with a publishing contract ;-)


If you don’t follow these guidelines a site admin may remove your page from the IndieGala developers section. Your page will still be available to anyone with the url but it will not show up in search results or any other section of our website.

Please, don’t go live until you are sure that everything is ok.

Once you publish your page everyone will see it. so be sure to have loaded all images, videos and content you need. Make sure to describe appropriately your creation.

You can preview your page anytime hitting Preview Page in your backend.

If your page is not polished, people will not note it.

Make sure both cover image and capsule image are correctly loaded

Capsule image is the image with which your creation will be displayed in all searches on the portal, and also the image that will be used to display a preview (using the open graph protocol ) wherever you will share the link to your creation.


It is very important that the capsule image is correctly loaded and that it represents exactly what you want to communicate with your creation.

The other important image to load is the cover image. Sbizzarrisciti show your artistic vein! We will put on the front page the most beautiful creations.


remember that receiving many visits increases your monetization.

Make sure your dev studio / profile image is loaded

Not only the images and artwork of your creations are important. The image of your studio is important as well. Take time to curate your public image.

If you update your build on other platforms Keep your build updated here as well

If your build is on Steam or itch and you’re thinking of updating it, you should keep it up to date here too.

galaK command-line tool., if used correctly, is as powerful as if not more than the equivalent steam tool. Furthermore, its use is much simpler, especially the backend configuration. And it does not require any integration in your app.

Keeping your build updated both on Steam and on IndieGala will only increase the popularity of your creation.

Consider to upload a prototype of your creation rather than a demo