About IndieGala Giveaways & Duplicate Steam Keys

We here at IndieGala enjoy hosting a variety of free community oriented activities.

From case to case, these activities can and will reward participants with Steam Keys, if they succeed in being lucky, skilled or perseverant.

However, a really small percentage of winners, due to unforeseen circumstances, may be unfortunate enough to receive a Duplicate Steam Key.

We would like to address such situations for each individual activity:

Massive Gameplay Giveaway

Any challenge winner of our Gameplay Giveaway, should and will receive a Steam Key.

However, since in this situation we are speaking about hundreds of thousands of Steam Keys for various titles from various sources, ( most of them coming from our own games or from games that we indiegala team purchased in bulk directly from the developers in past years, and offered in the past in many massive giveaways, when Steam key generation limits were not tight and was not uncommon for any dev to negotiate the purchase of 100k or even half million keys… ) odds are that a few of you may receive a Duplicate Key. That is a rare occurrence, according our stats less than 5%, but it may still happen.

Until recently, anyone who contacted support regarding such a situation we would provide a replacement Steam Key, no questions asked.

Unfortunately (and expectedly) some of the users decided to abuse this policy and ask for replacements for perfectly valid keys. We discovered this also because some of the games were our own published games or some partner games. Games that we can check activation details.


As a consequence, with a heavy heart, we have decided to discontinue this policy. We will not provide any further replacements for the Steam Keys won from the Gameplay Giveaway.

As mentioned before, odds of receiving a Duplicate Key are minimal. The participation is optional and basically free (requires GalaSilver, which is automatically generated for everyone, and a bit of your patience).

We also believe that the time and energy of our support may be used for more urgent matters, especially in these difficult COVID times, with most of our staff working from home or working in quarantine and despite this trying their best to support all customers.

We hope you understand and will continue to participate in our activities.

Guaranteed Giveaways

You probably noticed in our Giveaways section that we have Guarranteed and Non-Guarranteed ones. Guarranteed giveaways are colored differently and have the mention “Guaranteed”. In theory, if someone would win such a giveaway, be it made by us or by other users, 99.9% their Steam Key should work. Why? Because Steam Key will only be seen by the winner, not by us or the creator. The serial number never left our servers until the winner claims it. This is because Guarranteed giveaways comes only from legitimate purchases on our store or bundles or directly from IndieGala team.

However, if someone is in that unlucky 0.01% and received a Duplicate Key, we will replace it, no problem. Just contact our support and we will assist you.


We are unable to assist you with Duplicate Keys originating from the Non-Guaranteed Giveaways.