Gala Live Quiz FAQ

IndieGala is offering a new, engaging and, most importantly, free and funny way for the loyal fans to acquire GalaCredit, which can be spent pretty much anywhere on the IndieGala website.

What is Gala Live Quiz?

Gala Live Quiz is a trivia game or competition in which IndieGala users are asked various questions on different topics on the IndieGala website The goal of the user is to answer correctly to ALL questions in the allocated time. There will be 10 questions in a Gala Live Quiz and 10 seconds to answer each question. Conventionally a quiz shouldn’t last longer than 1-2 minutes.

Who can join the Gala Live Quiz?

Basically anyone with a registered IndieGala account is eligible to participate in a Gala Live Quizz, but a device with an internet browser and a fairly decent internet connection will be needed in order to properly participate.

How much can i win?

Each quiz you can win up to 200$ worth of GalaCredit, which can be spent pretty much anywhere on the IndieGala website. The prize will be split among all users who will answer correctly to all the questions in the given time. Some events, like the monthly Grand PRIZE may have a prize up to 1000$ worth of GalaCredit

When does the Gala Live Quiz take place?

Gala Live Quiz is a special event that takes place regulary in certain days. Usually three times per week ( but maybe more! ) There aren’t any set dates or exact times for them, but hints will be provided and they will be eventually announced, giving users a small window of opportunity to get prepared, that is why it is recommended to always keep an eye on the IndieGala socials, newsletter and/or push notifications.


just check, ** Gala Live Quiz URL ** to know when next quiz will start!

Why should I join the Gala Live Quiz, what’s in it for me?

Besides being fun, challenging and educative? For the sweet $$$ GalaCredit $$$*, of course! Aim for the prize money, anyone and everyone who gets all the answers right will be a winner and will get a slice of the pie. Usually the prize is 200$. If 4 people answer correctly to all questions they get 50$ each. GalaCredit can be spent like real $ anywhere on IndieGala website.

What if i don’t win?

Got a question or two wrong? Do not despair! If you answer incorrectly keep playing to accumulate points to win prizes. Keep playing for the long game, add scores across multiple Gala Live Quizzes and your total score will increase! Once a month all the users with highest total scores ( a sum of each single quiz score )in the whole month will play for the $$$ Grand Prize! $$$