IndieGala Affiliation Program

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What is the IndieGala Affiliation Program?

It’s your chance to earn good money by simply sharing our deals or promoting our store on your website or social pages. All you need to do is to embed on your website or share on your social pages your referral link or assets you find available through the program dashboard and you will get a percentage of each order completed on our store through your referral link.

How much can an IndieGala affiliate earn?

For each sale made through your referral link (which you can find on the programs section of your affiliate dashboard), you will get a 10% commision for bundle products listed in the bundles section on or a 5% commission, if it’s a Store sale (

How can one apply to become an affiliate for IndieGala?

The registration process is very simple. Just visit the sign up page here and register to become an affiliate. Your registration will be approved automatically and you can start earning immediatelly, but do keep in mind you need to accept and comply with our Terms and conditions in order to be able to receive payments from us, so please take a few minutes to read them completely.

What payment methods are available to get paid?

For the moment you can select one of the following payment methods to get paid, once you reach the minimum threshold: PayPal, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Ethereum or Litecoin.

What is the minimum amount an affiliate has to accumulate in commissions to get paid?

In order to be able to receive a payment from us, you will need to reach a minimum of $100 of comissions from conversions. The payment will be done through the selected payment method within 7 working days from when you have reached the minimum amount.

Where can I see how much I earned?

To view a detailed breakdown of all the clicks and conversions that originate from your referral links, you need to log in to your affiliate dashboar and click on “Reporting” or “Conversions” in the left menu to. IndieGala uses a third party software called Tapfiliate to track all clicks and purchases that come from our affiliates.


Commissions from conversions are not available with payments made with Razer zGold.

How can I set a payout method?

You will be asked to set a payout method during the registration process, but if you skip this step, you will need to click on your account icon in the affiliate dashboard, which you can see

Which deals or bundles can I promote? Do you have a feed source?

You can promote any deal or bundle sale available on IndieGala, even if you can’t find links or images in the assets section of your affiliate dashboard. All you need to is to add the “?ref=[your_affiliate_referral_id]” at the end of the link before your post it on your website or social pages.

Checkout and parse our FEED so you can know in realtime our lates deals!

Where can I find my affiliate program ID?

At the moment IndieGala has only one affiliate program available, but in the future you may see more programs available with different comissions for each program. If you are part of one or more affiliate programs on IndieGala, you can see them by clicking on the “Programs” tab on your affiliate dashboard. Clicking on each program link will take you to a page where you will be able to see your referral link for that program and the various assets available. As you will see, the final part of your referral link is the affiliate referral ID for that specific program, e.g. “indiegala” from “”.

Now that you know what your affiliate referral ID is for a specific program you joined, you can promote any deal or bundle from our website by simply adding ?ref=[your_affiliate_referral_id]” at the end of the link.

Who can I contact if I have more questions or need more info?

Just drop us an email at and we’ll be happy to reply.