For indie developers

What’s the purpose of IndieGala’s Developers Showcase?

We’ve developed the Developer Showcase ( or simply the showcase ) section for creators who want to take a live, real-time, feedback-intensive approach to their digital projects.

Games and other interactive works may not always make it to the finish line. However, this doesn’t mean that we don’t want to experience them and see where their ideas might take us. And you could even make money from it and support your development efforts!

In this section, you’ll find information about creating a developer account, setting up your product and starting uploading your builds on our online servers. IndieGala developer showcase consists in a solid cloud-powered backend and a set of command-line of tools that enable you to distribute your product to the world.

We’ve always been all about supporting indie creations and we like to see them come to life.
So do the most active members of our community.
We’re welcoming you a to a hub where your projects will be featured in our newsletters (over 1 million subscribers) and our large community pages.

Can i monetize the content that I upload to IndieGala’s Showcase?

Absolutely YES.
We have an innovative pay per view monetization program.
You can find more info about it in the monetization section.

What kind of projects can I upload to IndieGala’s Showcase?

IndieGala’s Showcase is a hub for interactive creations of any sort. Feel free to unleash your creativity here and let it run free. The platform was born to let indie game developers spread their voice, but any other form of digital art is welcome. | Games, comics, music, videos, we like everything, as long as it comes in form of digital downloadable media.

Can i get the emails of the users interested in knowing more about my project?

In the backend section there is an option to link your custom newsletter to your frontend product page. Currently only MailChimp ( free up to 2000 subs ) is supported, but we plan to integrate more newsletter providers very soon.


A project is a logical grouping of files that belongs to a build. Usually, to deliver a project, is necessary to upload a build first.
A build is the result of Uploading your game content to IndieGala backend, using your project ID. Think of it as a representation of your game files at that point in time.
A manifest is a listing of all the files which are included with a project build, along with metadata for all of the files, including the file size, SHA1 hash, and a set of flags. Manifests are output as text files during the project build process.
Branches (Betas)
A branch, or beta, is a specific build that you have made available either publicly or privately. Once your title is live, the “Default” branch is the build that is delivered to customers. Additional builds can be listed under the beta tab or hidden using a password. Password-protected branches are not visible to any account without the password.