$$$ Monetization $$$

The purpose of developer showcase platform is twofold:

  • Give you the opportunity to make your creations known to the widest possible audience.
  • Generate a source of revenues to help you support the development of your creations.

Many online portals offer early access programs or programs that allow donations or kickstarter campaigns. We are sure that all these programs are valid and for some well-known developers they can be an effective solution.

Most of the independent developers, however, do not have a solid reputation yet. Most of them cannot count on a community of fans willing to give them confidence blindly. Hardly users, even if they are intrigued or positively affected, will support your prototype with an advance purchase or even with a donation if they do not trust you.

So it is essential to give users the opportunity to enjoy your creation. For this reason, we invite you to let users freely download your creations on the showcase platform.

The monetization we offer is in fact entirely based on the views that your page receives.


The monetization program will go live in the second half of February 2019. Until then, all the visits totalized by your products before that date will be counted in the calculations of your balance.

So if you have a product on developer showcase section you are already making money!

What does PPI means?

Pay-per-impression, is a compensation method that pays based on the number of impressions, or views, that your page receives. The more visits your page receives, the more revenue it generates. Plain and simple.

How much money per impression do you pay?

There is a standard fee and a special fee.

The standard fee is the default fee we pay to every content creator and is 0.001 US dollars per single impression. Each visit your page receives increases your monthly balance of 0.001$

The special fee is an higher CPI ( cost per impression ) that we negotiate individually with developers who meet certain requirements. The first requirement is to have already shipped a game or another well known digital creation.

If you think you are eligible for the special fee you can reach us

Can i get an advance?

It is possible.

We pay an advance on PPI impressions from 200$ up to 1000$ if we decide that your product deserves it.
Send us your product and we will evaluate it!